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South Asian Widding

Let the celebration begin. The dholki, the rituals, the parties. You name it. And let’s not forget the food. Speaking of which, now you can have a panic episode because of the extensive preparations that will have to be made. Everyone is excited for the couple and literally, everyone has a ton of ideas; from decorations to catering to gifts. It can become overwhelming pretty quickly. 

A wise man once said, “Opinion is like a nose. Everyone has it.” Keeping that in mind, we find this opportunity to give our two cents as a way to fulfill this obligation. 

Who doesn’t love fresh flowers? A symbol of love, friendship, and peace. Especially in the South Asian “Desi” culture, it is an integral part of the festivities. In our culture it’s not just for bouquets, so much more is done with flowers. A wedding without flowers would be considered bland and incomplete. So here are a few suggestions to give you ideas to turn your wedding from ordinary to extraordinary. 


Gajra is made from fresh flowers assembled in a wire with a hook or ribbon at the end. It is worn around the wrist by women and girls. For wearing gajra you don’t need an occasion or be of a certain age. It is a perfect gift of love to give to ladies at the wedding / Mehndi / Shendhi when the guests enter the venue. 

For the bride, the gajra has a better look and thickness. It can be matched to the overall theme of the wedding and similar gajras can be ordered for the guests. If there are many invitees, you may limit the gajra to specific guests like the groom/bride side. There is that one Aunty in every family who wants to feel important and if due attention is given, this can quickly turn into a family crisis. How about gifting a pair of beautiful gajras? This will surely avert any impending crisis.    

Getting back to our gajras; the choice of flowers depends on personal taste. It can be made from spray roses, baby’s breath, mums etc. Different types of flowers can be combined in the same gajra. For example, gajra with roses and mums are in popular demand. To add more oomph, add some baby breath. 

However, the size of flowers is important. Usually, smaller-sized flowers look better and more elegant. The look has to be delicate. The color can be varied from all white to a combination of different colors. For instance, yellow and orange can be used for mehndi while red and white are ideal for the wedding. Gajra can be matched to the color of the bridal outfit as well. Add some glitter and voila! a truly desi piece.  


Kaleere is gaining popularity because of its unique design. It is worn by the bride on one of the wedding occasions. The basic idea of kaleere is a gajra tied on the wrist with a floral dangling piece attached to the gajra. The length of the dangly string can vary from small to long depending on personal preference. Again just like gajra, it can be customized using various types of flowers in a variety of colors. 

If the bride wants to distinguish her gajra from that of the family or guests’ pieces, then kaleere is the way to go. Even if the color scheme matches the other gajras, the dangly piece will make the bridal item more exquisite and unique to look at. 

Flower Jewelry 

This is the creative part; one that is unique to South Asian culture. It usually consists of rings, earrings, necklaces, and teeka. For those who don’t know, teeka hangs on the forehead with a string pinned to the top of the head. 

For the most part, the jewelry is used for the bride on mehndi. The ring can be attached to the gajra with the help of beads. The necklace can be made long or maybe in the form of a choker wrapped around the neck.  


Hairpieces, very popular for any age, can also be made with fresh flowers which includes items that can be worn on top or around a bun and small pins that can be added to a long braid. Small flowers are preferred for the items as they give a delicate look and do not overwhelm.  

So now you know how flowers can add a bit of glamor to your celebrations. What are you waiting for then, let the party begin, and enjoy the scent and feel of the delicate flowers.

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